Reichbusters Tackling the Beast

What’s Up Wednesday – Tackling the Beast!

What’s up my favourite group of wonderful people? Stuart here with another update from your friendly neighbourhood Mythic Games! As some of you that follow our Facebook my already know, Az and Leo are over with the guys at Beasts of War, preparing another Let’s Play for you all. What would be their mission? Why, after all the trouble he’s been causing the past few weeks, the choice was obvious: Destroy Projekt X once and for all!

They look so happy! Except Az, he knows what’s coming for them …

Projekt X doesn’t look to be that terrifying there, don’t you think? He shouldn’t be too hard to deal with … from this distance. Up close and on the table? Oh, size matters.

Honestly I think I’d Rathe fight the Titan…
Towering above the ‘competition’ is the mighty Projekt X!



Now the true scale of the behemoth is realised, the team coming together to defeat this monster consists of Hans, Claudine, Red Hawk and Bochka. We’ll talk more about these Heroes in the future as we plan to do ‘Hero Spotlights’ for all of our brave Reich Busters, but suffice to say for now that their armour piercing skills and heavy weaponry will be essential if the team has any hope of taking down the Nazi superweapon.

We’re extremely happy to be over with the Beasts of War guys again for this chance to show you the game following some tweaks we’ve made since the Kickstarter, as well as a chance to see Projekt X on the table-top at last. We’re sure you’ll love to hate him as much as we do. We don’t yet know the results of the game with Az and Leo, so we’re waiting with baited breath to find out if our brave men and women completed their objective and escaped. Did Hans bring down the Nazi behemoth? Did Bochka’s mechanical know-how help to save the war? Or did Projekt X crush all before him, laying waste to those who stand against the Nazi regime?

I guess you’ll have to watch the Let’s Play to find out!

Next Week

As announced on our Facebook page, the pledge manager opens on January 30th, and can be found Current plans are for it to run for two months to allow you to get everything you need to sate your Reich Buster needs. We’ll have more information on this next week as the pledge manager goes live, so make sure you tune back in then!

Bye for now – Stuart


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