Unboxing The Reliquary Box

We unlocked so many Stretch Goals for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc that we added them into our beautiful “Reliquary Box” for all backers.

Leo takes a look at the Reliquary Box Mass Production Copy (MPC) ahead of the Wave One printing and delivery to backers in Q2 2019!

We’re so happy with how all the contents and miniatures and turned out!

The Reliquary Box
Some of our free unlocked Stretch Goals from the Kickstarter campaign!
The Beast, a Musician, The Griffin, Dracula and The Cockatrice.

We’ll also be taking a closer look at the Super Exclusive box in a future update!

Gog, Jacques the Troubadour, Leo the Innkeeper, Magog, Monsieur Quirk (the Inn’s cat) and The Good Place Inn behind them all.

Plus we cannot forget the incredible Devil from the Unleash Hell add-on…

The Devil surrounded by ruins from the Unleash Hell Expansion.

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The MG Team

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