JoA: Unboxing the Super Exclusives

The unboxings continue this week, as Leo now opens up a box of the Super Exclusives! If you don’t remember, the Super Exclusives is our big box with The Good Place, Leo the Inkeeper and Jacques the Troubadour who were unlocked as a stretch goal, along with Gog and Magog from the Maiden Pledge. As the title suggests, these are only available to the fantastic Kickstarter backers only. This means the Super Exclusives weren’t part of the late pledge and won’t be reprinted or become available through retail.

Leo took the time to film this unboxing and as you will see the quality of the components is amazing!

Gog and Magog miniatures are highly detailed and definitely intimidating.

The Good Place is enormous and in there, Leo the Inkeeper awaits along with the great company of Monsieur Quirk and Jacques the Troubadour.

The Super Exclusives Booklet also features two scenarios, Joan of Arc in the city of angels and The Battle of Brignais. You will find Gog and Magog being quite the menace in both scenarios!

This special box is our way to say thank you for all the support you have shown us throughout the campaign of Joan of Arc. We really hope you like the miniatures as much as we do!

What do you think of the minis? Who do you think is more of a bad guy, Gog or Magog? How do you like Leo’s miniature?

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