Super Fantasy Brawl comes to Kickstarter on June 25th!

Mythic Games’ brand new game Super Fantasy Brawl will launch on Kickstarter on June 25th 2019!

Super Fantasy Brawl is an easy-to-learn difficult-to-master arena brawler with vibrant fantasy Champions and tactical gameplay.

Prototype game in action!

The greatest champions of all time come together to fight for the coveted Super Brawl! Only the wizard who can form the best team of Champions and outwit their opponents in the area will be triumphant!

Fantastical Champions

The miniatures used in Super Fantasy Brawl represent great warriors from Fabulosa’s turbulent history that have been pulled from their own time to the present, to compete for your glory.

Collection of prototype Champions 3D printed in resin

All of these miniatures are rightly referred to as “Champions”.

Each time you play a game, you will select or draft a team of 3 incredibly unique Champions. Each Champion brings with them 6 action cards which define their individual attacks, skills and reactions.

This means that every time you swap a Champion within your team, you’ll be presented with a new deck of 18 cards to take into the arena.

Core Mechanics

The primary way to play Super Fantasy Brawl is head-to-head with 2 players however it will also feature a fun 4 player game mode too! The game offers faction-free team building, card driven actions and combat that uses no dice!  

Players will have to balance tactical play, aggression, area control and objective scoring to secure the win by reaching the Victory Point target before their opponent.

To see an overview of the game check out our livestream video filmed at UK Games Expo with Az and Justin from On Tabletop.

The Future for Super Fantasy Brawl

All Champions and gameplay elements presented during the Kickstarter campaign will be available made at retail.

The retail game will be supported by regularly released Champions which can slot directly into players teams. Mythic Games also plans to support the retail environment with Organised Play events and promotions to support the growth of Super Fantasy Brawl into an ongoing hobby game for players.

Super Fantasy Brawl will launch on Kickstarter on June 25th and will hit retail stores in Q2 2020.

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