Returning Backer v1.5 Update Pack

As part of our ongoing support for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc and the launch of the v1.5 Kickstarter, we wanted to come up with a way in which we could support the backers who helped bring the game to life, and provide you with all the improvements that have been made to the game. Thus, we came up with the Returning Backer v1.5 Update Pack!

The Returning Backer v1.5 Update Pack will include :

  • One Hardcover Scenario Collection containing all updated scenarios from the entire Joan of Arc range.
  • One copy of the new v1.5 Joan of Arc Rule Book.
  • A set of updated and improved cards from the original Kickstarter.
  • A printed miniature guide to help with game setup.

Firstly, upon completion of the new Scenario Collection, v1.5 Rule Book, updated cards and printable miniature guide we will make all of these available online as free downloadable PDFs. 

IMPORTANT: Please note of course that you will still require the components and miniatures found in each expansion to play the related scenarios.

Secondly, as part of the new Time of Legends: Joan of Arc v1.5 campaign, we decided we would offer physical Update Packs to any returning backer who spends $20 or more on any items (excluding shipping) included in the 1.5 campaign. 

How Will This Work?

We will send returning backers a FREE v1.5 Update Pack, which will be shipped for FREE, for EVERY Maiden Pledge (Core Box) you bought during the first campaign, when you spend $20 or more on items (excluding shipping) during this new campaign.

So, if you pledged for three Maiden Pledges (Core Boxes) during the first campaign, we’ll ship you three v1.5 Update Packs with no shipping cost. 

This $20 can be spent on any items you want from a single add-on such as the Plunder box, multiple items such as dice, bases and expansions or on a single expansion such as the new Teutonic expansion.

The Update Packs will be added to your order when the Pledge Manager closes and we begin the process of packing and shipping pledges to backers.

At the end of the Pledge Manager we will compare the name and email addresses of all backers of the first Joan of Arc campaign with the name and email addresses of all backers who returned to back the v1.5 campaign.

IMPORTANT: If you have used a different email address for the first campaign as the second campaign, we will request that you get in touch to confirm your details match. We will communicate this during the Campaign and Pledge Manager.

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