Reichbusters: Projekt Vril

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Reichbusters Prototype Box

It is late December 1944 and Allied forces have got the Nazis on the ropes. However, the discovery of a miraculous energy source called vril may well throw a spanner in the works!

Nazi secret experiments on the substance, lead by the detestable Vrilmeisters, are a threat not just to the outcome of the war, but to the whole world!

Vril is a source of energy that can control all types of matter. It can destroy like lightning, replenish life, or rend through solid matter.

If the Nazis work out how to harness this power it will be more potent than the atomic bomb!

We’re sending you, the Reichbusters, an elite team of covert operatives, to put an end to his nefarious research and ensure the safety of us all!

The game is fully cooperative and sees 1-4 players take on the roles of the Reichbusters; exciting and over-the-top Allied Heroes who are brave enough to take on these dangerous operations.

Every Hero is realised in gorgeous 32mm scale plastic miniatures with incredible details. Minis are supplied unpainted.

Reichbusters Heroes Collage

Each time you play, you’ll be able to choose from a range of Heroes each with their own different playstyles. Then you’ll take them to R&D to select from an arsenal of weapons, tools and skills to make your perfect loadout before embarking on your mission.

In Raid Missions you either customise or randomise your own unique mission to take on. This also includes combining Heroes into Teams which lets you further customise their playstyles and gain access to special bonuses thanks to the relationships shared between team members.

During Campaign Missions you’ll be able to progress and grow both your Heroes and your R&D by using supplies you pick up during your missions. The missions are changeable in detail, including variable enemies, board layouts, side-missions, special room locations and more.

Reichbusters Prototype Game Tiles
Reichbusters Prototype Game Tiles

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Stealth is an important part of Reichbusters, especially when you first arrive at your target location. If you can sneak past some of the defenders or kill them silently, you will have an easier time for longer. As the team make noise, the guard’s awareness rises, until finally the alarm is triggered and it’s do or die!

Alarm Tracker & Noise Cards
Alarm Tracker & Noise Cards

While Heroes cannot die, they can however be captured, which is how the players can lose.

The players win by achieving all of their mission objectives and escaping.

Player Board and Action Cards

Each Hero has their own player board. This lists their basic skills and any equipment they start with. Additional equipment can be found during play, or when visiting R&D during setup.

Reichbusters Hero Player Board
Reichbusters Hero Player Board

Throughout the game, the players will find items that they can carry and use. Some of these will be things they are looking for as part of their missions. Other things will be useful stuff like medical supplies, vril healing potions, guns, grenades, and so on.

In addition to base Move and Attack actions, players will also have their Hero specific card decks. The Hero Cards can be used to go beyond or modify your base actions, meaning that once you are in position, you can deliver powerful combinations!

Hero Feats and Action Cards

Each Hero also comes with exciting Hero Feats which can be used to turn the tide or secure that crucial objective right when you need to.

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Each mission in Reichbusters: Projekt Vril will see the players facing off against more and more heinous enemies, from re-animated corpses to dark experiments, and from ferocious mutations gone wrong to the evil Vrilmeisters themselves.


Nazi Officer
Experiment 601


From deadly Tracking Bombers which hunt the Heroes with the sole purpose of detonating their explosive payload, to terrifying mutations like the Experiment 601s, deadly close combat specialists with blades grafted onto their limbs, the Heroes are going to face things they couldn’t even imagine.

Nazi Vril Panzer

Will you answer the call and take down the Vrilmeisters before they can take over the world?

Shrieker & Sturmgunner
Shrieker & Sturmgunner

Join us on Kickstarter on November 20th to back the campaign!

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