RB – The Cargo Hold

So far you’ve gained a load of extra minis and all the cards and tokens to play them in the game. That’s a huge pile of free stuff which adds tons of extra game options, new enemies, and hundred and hundreds of fun new combos of Heroes to try out. But where will you keep them all?

This latest stretch goal answers that question. The default would be to ship you all this extra stuff in plain wrapping (that’s nice and cheap), but any regular backers know that we care about how this looks on your shelf too much to leave it at that. So, as we have with our previous games, we’re upgrading this box to the same high spec as the core game box itself, complete with its own specially-commissioned art.

This cover art by Paolo Parente shows the pinup that’s emblazoned on the side of the Reichbuster’s very own plane – the one that sneaks them over the drop sight in the dead of night so that they can carry out their deadly missions. This plane is affectionately known as The Cargo Hold as it’s always laden with supplies both for the Reichbusters themselves and any resistance groups they pass over on their way to the target. Never miss a chance to help out the guys on the ground!

As I said, the box will have its own unique art, and match the quality of the core game, so it will look great beside it on your gaming shelf.

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