RB – Sentry guns

“Why stand guard when you can get your machines to do that job for you?” That’s what the Nazis in charge of Department 119’s mechanical sentry project thought, and that’s the role this latest stretch goal fills. Yes, as if your Heroes didn’t have enough troubles, we’ve added 2 vril-powered, quad-cannon sentry guns to the mix in every core pledge.

These 2 mechanical sentries are armed with cannons to blast any unsuspecting Heroes who wander into their sights. They are basically extra ambushes for the Nazis to deploy. While they have little feet, these are only for waddling slowly into position and aren’t any use in combat. This is partly because they are relatively small (and designed mainly for absorbing recoil anyway), but mainly because the sentry guns get bolted to the floor when set up. Did I mention recoil?

Quad cannons are very, very, very shooty, and that’s going to hurt. The sentries also have inhumanly fast reactions. Not faster than all the Heroes all the time, so there is a chance to get out of the way. Just faster than normal humans.

I may have mentioned recoil. Well, each massive burst of cannon fire has an equal and opposite wounded Hero being blasted into the next room, and this sort of firepower does carry quite a kick. If the sentries weren’t bolted down they’d end up on their backs after one shot. This is their saving grace from the Heroes’ point of view. While they can lock down corridors, they aren’t going to chase the Heroes around. And if they can be avoided (often an excellent plan) then an awful lot of damage can be too. It’s just that those pesky Nazis have a habit of setting them up in commanding positions covering all the approaches. Almost as if they didn’t want any visitors…

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