RB – Our Stone Cold Killer Irena Reworked

When we revealed our Polish assassin Irena way back at the 415k Stretch Goal, we got feedback from you all that the sculpt for Irena’s head and face weren’t in keeping with her art and feeling for her character.

The original artwork from Catalan L’artist

We heard you all, so of course, we went back and have reworked Irena to bring her steely professional demeanour from the artwork into her tabletop presence.

The old sculpt above with the new reworked sculpt below

We’ve adjusted the bone structure and in particular the sculpting on Irena’s eyes to ensure that her emotionless face is empowering rather than detracting from her character.

The overall pose we’ve left largely unchanged, however, by bringing Irena’s gaze and chin up a few degrees we’ve kept her low profile while giving us a more clear view of her.

Old pose above with new pose below

From playing Irena a lot on the tabletop recently, I’m a huge fan of this change and so glad we took the time to do it right. Irena is the “John Wick” of Reichbusters for me and I love the motion of her cloak as her arm swings up to begin her dual wielding, death bringing, silent pistol assassinations.

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