RB – No way for a lady to behave

Mary Elizabeth Twisleton-Smythe is not a conventional English lady. To start with, she is Canadian. Secondly, she has a PhD in applied organic chemistry. Possibly most relevant to the topic at hand, she’s in the Reichbusters.

Yes, “Prof” is our next Reichbusting Hero! You’ve smashed another stretch goal!

The Canadians had not been impressed by the disbanding of the joint American-Canadian 1st Special Service Force in August 1944. Neither was Prof. She had just managed to join the unit, having pulled all the strings her well-connected family could muster. After all that effort she wasn’t about to sit out the rest of the war on the side-lines. Dammit! Her twin brother had died fighting the Nazis, and she was going to have her revenge!

Prof’s unusual skills, fanatical enthusiasm, and unwillingness to take no for an answer soon brought her name to the newly-formed Reichbusters. Within weeks of the disbandment of the 1st SSF she was on a plane to England, and intense combat training with the Reichbusters.

She brings a completely new set of talents to a team. Using her skills in chemistry she has tweaked the composition of several gas grenades and can cause a variety of different effects. Among her arsenal are gasses that will block line of sight, force enemies out of an area, disable, terrorize, or kill them. As the Reichbusters are as likely to be on rescue and recovery missions as an assassination, the tactical options she affords her team should make her a tempting choice for your next mission.

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