RB – I can see you!

And you’ve done it again! Yet more goodies for your core pledge! Outstanding!

This time it’s the turn of the bad guys, with 4 new miniatures being added in the rather unusual form of vril-enhanced detectors. No prizes for guessing what they do.

Do you want to know more? Of course!

The further the vril research gets, the more nervous the Nazis get about being found out too soon. This vital research holds the very real possibility of turning the tide of the war on the ground, not just in one of the Propaganda Ministry’s delusional broadcasts. Yet this promise is not quite in their reach. Not yet. It’s close, very close, just not quite…

Until the technology makes that small, final step, and can be unleashed on the unsuspecting Allies in battle, the Nazis must keep it secret. Even with the most stringent security, it’s impossible to guarantee a perfect seal, and the Allied commandos seem to get everywhere these days. This was the impetus to develop the vril-enhanced detectors.

Posting sentries is all very well, and a necessary part of military security. Dogs are a time-honoured addition, and the extra help of their keen senses adds greatly to the effectiveness of patrols. But what if you could create something that was even more sensitive, and also attached to a human brain? What if you had something that could not only sense the quietest footfall, the barely-mouthed whisper, and then reason and deduce, and communicate exactly what it senses? Wouldn’t that improve security? Oh yes.

While you might be forgiven for mistaking the arm sensors on the detectors for heavy weaponry, they are actually entirely unarmed. Their job is to find any enemy, and not to worry about dealing with them. Their entire bodies are devoted to sensing the enemy, and then working out what and where they are. Then they simply tell their friends with the big guns where they need to go…

In game, the detectors are something to be avoided if at all possible. It’s not that they are dangerous in themselves, just that they are very likely to summon a horde of others who are. Unfortunately, avoiding detection is all but impossible.

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