RB – From the vats…

And another stretch goal falls! It’s the last day and you’re still adding great new miniatures to your haul of goodies. There’s no stopping you guys! If I’ve done my sums right, this makes 123 miniatures in each core pledge. Wow!

As we’re almost at the end we thought that we’d show you something really special and rather odd. Projekt 10-80a is a new miniature for the Nazis to plague the Heroes with, and it’s a doozy.

10-80a started off as just another volunteer on the vril-enhanced soldier programme. This is where the stürmsoldats and übersoldats come from, and when things are balanced just right, those are what emerges from the vats. However, vril is anything but predictable, and even when all the same protocols are followed with care and precision things can turn out very differently. That’s what happened here.

Unusually for these rejects, Projekt 10-80a retained his intelligence, so wasn’t immediately destroyed as the more dangerous of these failed experiments need to be. He was kept as part of the programme, to see if they could understand how he came to be as he was. And he is weird.

In fact, Projekt 10-80a is not the first of this type of failure they have seen, though they are usually mindless monsters. His intelligence was the difference, and made him far more useful in understanding the process.

Trials on similar failures have shown that they are not only extremely resistant to damage, but also get more dangerous as they are wounded. The thinking is that although this was not the intended result, if they could be created deliberately, and the intellect retained, perhaps they were another success for Projekt Vril.

In game, Projekt 10-80a is very dangerous. He is a melee specialist, which is not unusual for the Nazi monsters. However, he is even tougher and harder to kill than the zombies (which is saying something). He has 2 wounds, and when he is wounded then his stats get better rather than worse (which is the usual progression for most things). He seems to actually like being damaged.

Of course, the real fun only starts when you kill him…

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