RB – Fear the Shadows!

Another stretch goal down! Welcome to all our new recruits!

This latest unlock is for a new Hero to expand the Reichbusters to a total of 15, and he’s one that you might not have guessed. Meet Kulbir.

Kulbir is a Gurkha and is steeped in the proud and heroic heritage of that deadly warrior tribe. There is nothing flashy or extravagant about his bearing and there doesn’t need to be. He simply exudes the calm determination of a professional soldier, and so he should because he is very, very good at what he does. Of course, a century of tradition and reputation go before him, and any knowledgeable enemy knows to worry when the Gurkhas are near.

In combat Kulbir favours his traditional blade, the kukri. This ceremonial knife is the signature weapon of the Gurkha, and tradition dictates that, once drawn, it cannot be sheathed until it has tasted blood. Kulbir is happy to take the old ways seriously, and if he can make the combat close and personal then all the better.

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