RB – Hammer time!

We can’t let the Heroes have things all their own way when it comes to melee, can we? Of course not. So, having just added Bjørn it’s now time to add some serious Nazi close combat power to balance the mix. Enter the übersoldat. Two of them. These new additions bring every core pledge to a total of 110 miniatures!

The übersoldat are one of Projekt Vril’s success stories. They are hugely powerful mutants who tower over normal humans. But not only this. They are also still mostly human in their thinking – something that is often lost with other mutants, and the main reason many Nazi experiments are rejected. Being able to think properly makes them very dangerous.

The übersoldats represent a fearsome combination of cunning, ability to take orders, and raw physical power. In melee they are able to wield hammers that the Heroes cannot even lift. Damage from these is devastating, causing hideous wounds as well as smashing aside any who stand in their way. Of course, the übersoldats are also extremely tough, making the process of removing them much more of a challenge than normal troopers.

Fortunately for the Heroes, the vril enhancements of the übersoldat are (like every other vril item) unreliable. When working as intended, these creations are all but unstoppable. When the vril fails, they can be the ones who are crippled. As always, Heroes facing the spawn of Projekt Vril are going to need a bit of luck to go along with their bravery.

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