Core Rule Book
Player Aid & Reference Sheet
Components Lists

FAQ v1.0 (English) – 22/07/2019
Errata v1.0 (English) – 24/07/2019

Siege Expansion – 28/08/2019

Battle Mode Rules
Battle Mode Army Sheet

Core Box Scenario – The Battle of Crècy
Core Box Scenario – The Battle of Patay
Reliquary Scenario – Bloodthirst

Core Rule Book – Pre-production (August 2019)
Mission Book – Pre-production (August 2019)
Not of this Earth Expansion – Pre-production (August 2019)
O’Reilly Mission – Pre-production (August 2019)
Projekt X Rules – Pre-production (August 2019)
Projekt X Mission – Pre-production (August 2019)

Rulebook coming soon

Draft Core Rule Book (June 2019)

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