Battle Mode

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc comes with two exciting ways to play. You can either set-up and play through one of the many scenarios, or you can select an army from an army list and take on your opponent in a battle. We call these ‘Scenario Mode’ and ‘Battle Mode’.

Scenarios will be available as a mix of print and online, but the specific rules for Battle Mode along with the army lists and maps for it are online. As we get feedback from games played, we will be proactive in updating and re-balancing Battle Mode where necessary, and the documents available online will always reflect any changes that are made.

For now, the army lists you’ll find in the Battle Mode utilise Wave 1 miniatures. These lists will be expanded, and new ones like the Ottomans added, when Wave 2 miniatures begin to arrive.

Printable Army Sheet – Download

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