Solomon Kane The board game by Mythic Games

Solomon Kane is a cooperative board game with 35mm figures for 1 to 4 players set in the world of the character created by Robert E. Howard.

In the pictures below you can see this EARLY PROTOTYPE version of Solomon Kane, the narrative adventure board game featuring exceptional 35mm miniatures.

With the upcoming release of Solomon Kane on Kickstarter in June, our amazing Mythic Games Ambassadors are being armed with early demonstration kits of the game, to share with you across France, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

If you come along to one of our events, you’ll play as one of the four Cardinal Virtues: Courage, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice, each with special powers that reflect their unique role.

Using custom card decks and dice, each Virtue can control Solomon Kane or his allies, moving them around the board, fighting enemies, exploring locations, and interrogating suspects for information. If the odds get too stacked against Solomon Kane, the Virtues can even manifest directly to intervene on the board.

Opposing Solomon Kane and the players is the Darkness. This twisted reflection of the Virtues is controlled by an AI deck which determines the actions of enemy miniatures, thwarts the player’s best plans, and competes with them to drive the story in an evil and unholy direction.

So, we invite you to come along and play our short story sample of the upcoming Solomon Kane, before joining us on Kickstarter in June

We are super excited to share this with you all early, but everything you see is subject to change as we continue our development

SOLOMON KANE ® and © Robert E Howard Properties LLC

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